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Tips for Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Tips for Healthier Indoor Air Quality When Your Windows are Closed

Did you know the EPA has classified indoor air as five to ten times more polluted than outdoor air?

Our very own Jill Salisbury was recently featured in an ABC 7 news segment about removing invisible toxins and contaminants from your home.

In the warmer and cooler months when windows and doors are typically kept shut (to keep out the blazing heat or blustering cold), harmful toxins and contaminants become trapped, continuously circling throughout your home’s ventilation system.

Here are some of the tips Jill shared with viewers for creating a healthy home and removing invisible contaminants:

Click on the photo above to watch the segment and find tips for easy ways you can help reduce the harmful toxins in your home.

Thank you to Activeion and Rabbit Air for letting us borrow their products for this segment!

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