Dear Diary…

So, I often think it is hilarious that I, the Marketing Director, write this blog called "Designer Diaries" when I am not a designer. That's not to say that I don't observe our amazing design team in their natural habitat daily. I certainly do that. So, you're going to see a new series here that is called,...  continue reading

Yes, it took me a week to get this post up. Mostly because I really wanted to unveil the aforementioned surprise in a clever way. Well, that's not happening, apologies on that and for the delay of this post. I blame the lack of white chalk at most big box retailers, like Target and Walgreens. Who doesn't...  continue reading

We've missed you, have you missed us? So, yes, we've been a little busy both at our three offices and many of us at our own homes as well. Nevermind all that. Today, I want to introduce you to my kitchen project. I think I alluded to this several months ago in a post regarding my beloved kitchen table...but...  continue reading


Super Bowl Dreaming

#SuperBowl is trending on Twitter today - naturally. With all the predictions and pontifications about Sunday's big game, we got to thinking about some of our favorite spaces that we'd like to watch the game from...well, aside from the stadium itself! Here's our roundup of the Top 10 Super Bowl friendly...  continue reading



Obviously we love design. It was a lot of what was discussed at our annual company retreat yesterday here in Chicago at the East Bank Club. We started with exploring our communication styles through our DiSC workshop and then did many group activities, which you will see pictures of below. But one of...  continue reading

There you have it everyone, we ended one holiday season and swiftly moved into another season, AWARDS SEASON! I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is my favorite season. There's something so inspiring about celebrating all the hard work that goes into filmmaking and yes, I think acting does...  continue reading

If you didn't notice yet (I don't know how), the holidays are certainly upon us. So we wanted to share some of our giving and time together with you. It's an important part of our company culture - being together, sharing ideas and experiences and of course, giving back. For our annual internal holiday...  continue reading

It's no secret our team loves giving back and this year, we had the incredible opportunity of participating again in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Holiday House! The proceeds of this annual event go to supporting the MSO educational programs. This year's selected home was at Terrace Row, a million...  continue reading

Thanks to all who came out to our Shop Like a Designer Holiday Trunk Show in Chicago! It was a festive evening of celebrating and holiday shopping for designer goodies. How gorgeous were gift collections from Jo handbags, Alexandra Ferguson, Michael Aram, Creature Comforts, Jan Dee Jewelry and Glam Rocks?...  continue reading

Tis the season….to GIVE BACK! We've talked about this before and we're doing it again....We’re so proud to be a part of an organization that champions local, as well as far reaching, organizations that do good in the community not only during the holiday, but all throughout the year. This holiday...  continue reading

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