As I’ve been learning this summer, the non-designers in the office (i.e. the Marketing Office) sometimes have the same style questions that most of you probably have as well… what’s the difference between modern and contemporary? Traditional and Transitional? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about....  continue reading


Going Global!

We hardly see such a thing as one specific design style anymore as it is about a broader interpretation of styles. With that being said, there has been a much more eclectic display of stylistic influences in the interior design realm. For instance, it may not always be apparent to blend contemporary...  continue reading

Slide on those new espadrilles, slink into that new sundress and fire up the grill because its time to kick off the summer solstice with the biggest, baddest backyard bash! Here we show you what we believe to be some great tips to keep in mind when it comes to your al fresco fiesta: Keep it clean. This...  continue reading

People are hooked on metallics. So much in fact, that quite recently some person (or people, I’ll never know) felt compelled to steal the copper drainpipes off my house. No joke. How cruel. Well, apparently, these thieves know what’s up in the design world. It’s clearly in high demand! And as these...  continue reading


Here’s What Rocks!

Don’t get us wrong, we still love the au naturel look of wood and flowers; however, the nature trend that we really dig these days (no pun intended) are the patterns materializing in rocks. They are absolutely striking, as well as tremendously interesting. Think of it as jewelry for the home! Beautiful...  continue reading

I know we're a couple weeks late in talking about this, but with the old rule being “no white before Memorial Day,” it’s finally appropriate to add white to your summer wardrobe. Following suit, it’s also entirely appropriate to add white to the interiors of your house. Besides, it’s HOT...  continue reading

 Hello folks, it's been some apologies...there's no excuse for going so long without posting...That said, we have a new, amazing blog resource here at Fredman Design Group and I wanted to introduce her here - Welcome Lauren Handzlik! Lauren hails from Wisconsin (a girl after my own heart)...  continue reading

Well hello there, it's been a while, no? Sorry about that folks. But here we are, the sun is shining and spring is finally, finally upon us. Which also means, MOTHER'S DAY is almost here and now that the Derby is done, we can focus our fancy hats elsewhere! We polled the fabulous Fredman Design Group...  continue reading


Dear Diary…

So, I often think it is hilarious that I, the Marketing Director, write this blog called "Designer Diaries" when I am not a designer. That's not to say that I don't observe our amazing design team in their natural habitat daily. I certainly do that. So, you're going to see a new series here that is called,...  continue reading

Yes, it took me a week to get this post up. Mostly because I really wanted to unveil the aforementioned surprise in a clever way. Well, that's not happening, apologies on that and for the delay of this post. I blame the lack of white chalk at most big box retailers, like Target and Walgreens. Who doesn't...  continue reading

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